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Contemporary interior designs feature a neutral color palette and rely on smooth surfaces with little decorative detailing. Raw, natural textures such as metal, concrete and glass are all mixed and matched throughout the interior as well. The key to modern is simplicity – decorative patterns are scarce. Instead, solid neutrals really help to make a strong statement. Artworks are clean and uses contrasting material colors on neutral background. Surfaces are glossy to give the furniture a modern feel.

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● Age 38 | Married | Father of three small sons | Nelly his beloved dog.
● Holds a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tel Aviv University.
● Is considered one of the leading artists in Israel
● Owner of the most successful art store in Etsy for 8 years in a row

Koby's style of work is contemporary-modern. His painting technique is based on Pointillism. Koby has developed the technique over the years, and it is characterised by short, quick draws of a paint-laden brush, which stand out from the painting substrate, something which distinguishes his paintings with relation to traditional Pointillism artworks. In addition, Koby uses color pallets that are characterised by an uneven mix of colors, creating depth and a wide range of the color scale that gives vividness to the artworks. Since the artworks are textured, there is also a reference to light and shadow.

Koby plans to continue engaging in contemporary art in the coming years. In addition, he plans to enter the new field of digital art, specifically in the field of NFT (crypto art).

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